Magnetic Slim LED Light Box

1.Single-sided, thickness 28MM;
2.Magnetic design, easy to change poster;
3.Import AAA acrylic with 3D laser engraved technology;
4.Super high brightness led inside, lighting your advertising;
5.With UV printing poster ensure full-color;



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1. Magnetic type, easy to change poster
2. Using AAA grade imported acrylic, with 3D laser engraved technology. ensure the LGP more uniformity and brightness.
3. Using world top TV edgelit LED, brightness more than traditional.
4. Global original aluminum plate heat dissipation system, Low light failure, Long life.    
5. With UV printing posters, ensure real color.
6. CRI (color rendering index) >80, to achieve liquid crystal color effect.
7. Mercury free, Green.

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